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Shipments And Returns

  •  We can be reached via email mail@donnaytennis.com. 


Defective Racquets

  • Please review our defective racquets policy below:

    • All new racquets have a one-year manufacturers warranty against defects.
      Improper stringing or damage caused by inexperienced stringers is not covered.
      We suggest always having your racquet strung by a Professional Stringer.
    • Defective Replacements are at the sole discretion of Donnay & must be sent to us for evaluation.
    • We will replace the racquet if we determine the racquet is defective in Material or workmanship.
      A detailed report on the reason for a denied replacement will be emailed to the customer.

    • If your racquet is deemed defective, we will replace it with the same model of racquet, if available.
     • Racquets that have been abused, run over, damaged from heat, customized, etc. void the warranty.
    • If model is no longer available, store credit will be given in the amount of the original purchase price.
    • If we don't replace your racquet, it can be returned to you at your expense if that is desired.
    Donnay  reserves the right to deny a refund in the event discounts were obtained through fraud or  misrepresentation.