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ALLWOOD 102 sq" (16x19) (Ver.2 / Unibody)

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Donnay brings back the feel of the Borg Allwood

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Please Note: The Version & Graphics on Allwood racquets varies depending where & when purchased.
There have been 2 distinct Versions & Graphics over the life of this model. Ver.1 was Glossy with Multi Trim.
The Current Ver.2 Graphic is Flat Black with a Multi Color Trim. If there is any issue with which trim you require
contact Customer Service prior to placing your order.

The New Donnay Allwood has become our best selling racquet in the 2 years since it's introduction. Response has been nothing short of amazing. Although it's incredibly light, along with a swing weight to match, it's stability amazes everyone, and it has the power it's weight would normally prevent it from providing. Add to that, it's incredible Arm Friendly Feel and it becomes obvious why it is flying out the door.

The Donnay Allwood traces it's heritage back to Borg's wooden weapon he was known to have strung upwards of 80lbs. This new Allwood of course is not actually made of wood, but with it's unbelievably low RA rating of 50 will feel like the wooden racquets many of us grew up on, but with not only a larger sweet spot, than almost any wooden racquet ever made, but also ample power along with superior control.

Head size: 102sq"
Average Unstrung Weight: 285g / or 300g
Unstrung Balance: 325mm / or 320mm
Unstrung Swing Weight: Approx, 263 or 272
String Pattern: 16x19
Stiffness ratings are not made for Donnay Racquets, as they feature Dynamic Stiffness
Grip: Cushion
Rec. String Tension: 45lbs (+/- 10)
Beam Width: 22mm
Length: 27
Technology: Hexa XÄ“neCore™

The Allwood 102 Hexacore is not only the most comfortable oversized racquet you can buy thanks to Donnay's patented solid-core Xenecore technology, but it also has swashbuckling maneuverability. & with it's astounding RA of just 50, it feels like Wood, but still performs like Graphite

The thinner-beamed 102 cuts through the air like a knife with one of the lowest swing weights in the tennis industry, but without the usual tradeoff in power and stability of other easiest-to-swing frames that are prone to being overcome by the force of the incoming ball and twisting on off-center hits.

Fortified with six solid cores throughout the frame, the Allwood 102 stands its ground on the most aggressive shot from your opponent and sends the ball back like a catapult, snapping it out of the stringed loaded with spin.

To get the most of its power potential you should have a moderately fast full swing but you don't have to be a tournament-level player to fully enjoy its even combination of power potential and control.

In fact, it's the perfect shot tamer for big hitters that have a tendency to launch too many of their groundstrokes beyond the baseline lodging them into the back fence.

The Allwood 102's headsize increases the prime hitting zone but its thin flexible beam and head-light balance negates the aerodynamic drag you'll find in competitive racquets in the oversized category.

That makes it a great choice for not only baseline bashers but also for recreational doubles players for those lightning-quick exchanges at net and reaction volleys.

Allwood frames can vary, dependent upon when they were made. This can include the graphics, as well as whether or not they are compatible with our Butt Cap Weight System. If you are in need of a specific version, contact our Customer Service @ 877 DONNAY-7. Otherwise we can not guarantee your receiving any SPECIFIC version. We often have slightly used racquets available at reduced prices. While we can't list these on the site, contact Customer Service to check on availability.

Donnay now offers professional stringing, done by our CEO, (a USRSA Master Racquet Technician for many years), with 48 years of stringing experience. No one knows our frames as well as he does. He will assist you in selecting the right string & tension for your particular needs. Choose from over 500 types of string, from all the major manufacturers. Contact Customer Service for information. By phone (877) Donnay-7 or by email, sales@donnaytennis.

Donnay recommends racquets be strung by a USRSA MRT or Certified Stringer. Start Mains at Throat, skipping 7H, 7T, 9H, 9T. Tie Mains 8T. Start Knot Cross 5H. Tie Cross 9T (35-55lbs)

Additional Information

Additional Information

Head Size 102"
Unstrung Weight 285
Unstrung Balance 320mm
String Pattern 16x19
Grip Cushion Grip
String Tension 45+-10
Beam Width 22mm
Length 27"
Technology Hexacore


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