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Formula Pentacore 100 (Black/White Edition) (USED 4 3/8)

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Simplified Cosmetics



Babolat Pure Drive KILLER!

Head size: 100sq"
Unstrung Weight: 300g
Unstrung Balance: 320mm
String Pattern: 16x19
Stiffness (RDC): 62
Grip: Cushion
Rec. String Tension: 45lbs (+/- 10)
Beam Width: 20/27/24mm
Length: 27
Technology: Penta XÄ“neCore™

The Formula Pentacore hits hard but feels soft and fits all player levels from beginners trying to make contact with the string bed and keep shots in the court to advanced baseline bashers. It’s a virtual extension of the arm with its astonishing combination of big-league power, pinpoint control and, of course, Donnay’s signature arm-protection comfort.

Smaller players might opt for the Formula Pentacle Lite which is featured elsewhere on this page.

Similar in specs to the iconic Babolat Pure Drive in head size and shape, stationary weight, balance and beam width in specifications, but the real difference is discovered not on paper but in the playing hand where you’ll find the solid-core Formula Penta versatility means much more powerful and controllable than the Pure Drive, and without the stinging vibration this classic hollow Babolat model has become notoriously known for and all the arm issues that come with it.

The solid-core Xenecore tubing in the hoop allows the flexible frame to bend back on ball contact but recover in a nanosecond to launch the ball like a slingshot with a mid-to-full swing, or cradle the ball for directional control on volleys. The result is a quantum leap in power with a smooth buttery feel that our play testers described as "hitting hard but feeling soft." Other bonuses are a larger sweet spot and best-in-industry stability.

The Formula Penta feels and sounds instantly arm-friendly — you’ll hear a resonant "thunk" at first hit unlike the harsh "ping" of hollow racquets.

It won’t make you work to keep the ball deep in your opponent’s court. Spin comes easy with its open stringing pattern.

If a group of tennis players at all levels were taking a trip and could only pack one racquet for everyone to use, the Formula Pentacore would be it.

Announcing something new at Donnay, Custom Stringing & Racquet Work by our very own resident CEO & Master Racquet Technician, Howie Matthews. With over 44 years experience in racquet stringing & multiple degrees in Material Science & Engineering, Howie is one of the world's most talented stringers & we are lucky to be able to share his expertise with Donnay customers. Also available will be a myriad of other types of racquet work, such as Custom: Weighting/Balancing, Gripping, Anti-Shock Mod's, Racquet Matching, and of course answers to any & all questions
We have available almost any name brand strings you would want, from: Alpha, Ashaway, Babolat, Gamma, Gosen, Head, Iso-Speed, Luxilon, Prince, Solinco Tecnifibre, Toa, Wilson, Vollmer, Yonex, of course our Donnay strings, along with some of Howie's own custom tailored string creations available only from his own Tennis Menace web site.
Feel free to contact Howie either prior to placing your order, or afterwards to arrange for the stringing of your Donnay Xenecore racquet before it is shipped to you. We can also provide custom work on racquets sent to us. He can be reached by phone daily, from 8:00 'til Midnight, Eastern at 877 DONNAY-7 or email

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