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The Cores

hollow v solid


We cut the two racquets above to show you what's inside the frame of a tennis racquet. The difference, as you can see, between conventional hollow racquets other brands offer and the Donnay solid-core frames that are filled with a patented super-light foam we call "Xenecore."  Our foam is baked into the entire racquet, from the base of the handle to the top of the hoop for a twofold purpose -- to give you maximum comfort and performance.

Let's talk the solid-core comfort advantage first since at least a quarter of all recreational tennis players are battling some form of wrist, forearm, elbow or shoulder issues due largely to the shock and vibration that occurs when the racquet "collides" with the incoming tennis ball. The foam acts as a super dampener that blocks that impact shock and vibration from extending to your hand. It is, in a sense, a protective padding, much like the padding in football helmets, the extra-padding in a catcher's mitt and the padded shin guards hockey goalies use.

The foam also enhances performance -- it expands the sweet spot and the racquet's stability that give you more control, especially on off-center hits that "die" on the frame of a hollow racquet. The foam fortication also increases power potential and enables us to avoid the harsh stiffness of so-called "power" frames.

As a result, "Solid To the Core: Power Without Pain," -- is not merely our advertising slogan. but a bold mission statement that separates us from the rest of the tennis-racquet pack.

Like any cutting-edge technology in any industry, our solid-core concept has evolved over the years -- beginning with the single-core X-Series introduced in 2010 to the latest "Pentacore" series that employs five cores throughout the frame for maximum comfort and power. 

Here's the progression of our development and the differences between the variations of our solid-core line:

X-Series -- We started with a single core like the wood racquets of old that were solid but weighed almost 14 ounces. The trick was to inject a single core of Xenecore throughout the entire frame while matching the light weights of the modern conventional hollow racquets that players today demand -- between 9 and 11.5 ounces strung. The result: the most comfortable frame on the market.

X-Dual and Tri-Core --  A second core was added in the X-Dual series to enhance comfort and performance and a third core was implanted into the Tri-Core models to take comfort and performance to the next level.

Quad-Core --  A fourth core was added solely for performance. With the extra core on each side of the shaft, the racqueted provided unprecedented stability, precision,accuracy and control.

Pentacore & Hexacore - Ultimate Performance & Comfort

Pentacore & Hexacore-filled Xenecore racquets provide "feels soft/hits hard" results because of the addition of a fifth or sixth core over the previous quad, tri, dual and single core frames. 

With mour cores on each side of the shaft, they provide even more comfort, power, stability, precision, accuracy and control. Even though these racquets are flexible for control, they provide power without torquing at high velocities. The coefficient of restitution is extremely high which provides this unprecedented power. So the 200 pounds of force transmitted to your arm from hollow racquets is reduced by 66 percent with Pentacore & Hexacore.  

The new Donnay-Xenecore Formula Pentacore & Hexacore and their lighter cousins, the Xenecore Formula Pentacore & Hexacore Lites, are a virtual extension of the arm with its astonishing paradoxical combination of big-league power and sublime comfort.

The Formula Pentacore & Hexacore translates into pure power, but unlike conventional stiff frames such as the best-selling Babolats Pure Drive and AeroPro, it is easy on the arm.

Playtest results show it has the inherit big-league power and specifications of the best-selling Babolats but with a smooth, buttery feel, a larger sweet spot and 
best-in-industry stability.

The Pentacore & Herxacore Pro One 97 with its flex-rating of 59 provides pinpoint control and feel for 4.0 -and-up players. For the Head Prestige or Wilson Blade players with high-velocity full swings, it means no torquing and the ability to direct the ball where you want it to go.